Yay first post!

Friday, November 27th, 2009 05:44 am
shykid: (Default)
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Yeah, I'm workin' on this thing. I made it about a week ago—at least I think—and I still haven't made a post until now or gotten everything together yet. Maybe I can spend the morning fixing that. I was kinda sad the ancient Generator layout wasn't transfered over to Dreamwidth. But I probably need to quit being so old-school and get with the times anyway.

To-do List

  • Actually post something
  • Tweak layout
  • Write userinfo bio
  • Finish interests
  • Perhaps set up some sort of tagging scheme
  • Join a few communities
  • Find some DW friends

Anywho, thanks to the person in the code-sharing community (forgot who you were, sorry!) for the invite code! You officially rock.

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